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Kids_Kissing_Dog_Image_medium Installation will involve several steps and the right tools. A small installation can take a few hours, while a larger installation could take a weekend. We will take you through each step along the way with tips to make it easier and give you your options.

Before you dig anywhere in your yard you should call 811 to have the utilities (electric, phone, cable, etc) come out and mark where the lines are in your property. While most if not all of the utility lines should be deeper than 6 inches, you should not take any chances and only hand dig where they have marked and be very careful not to cut any of the lines. You will also need this information for laying out your system, see the System Layout section for more details. Keep in mind that this service only locates public utilities in your property, if you have propane/gas lines or well water lines, etc, these are your responsibility to find.

These are the steps you will need to follow for a successful installation of your dog fence:

  1. System Layout
  2. Mounting the Transmitter
  3. Burying the Wire
  4. Crossing Driveways and Walkways
  5. Testing