Cross Driveway/Walkway

There are three main ways for crossing a driveway or walkway, we will continue to refer to your driveway, just think of your walkway as a smaller driveway. As with burying the wire we will go from easiest to hardest in terms of ways to get your wire across your driveway.

Expansion Joint – Easiest

If your driveway is made of concrete or meets a sidewalk there most likely are expansion joints or joints where the two meet that can be used to get your wire across your driveway. You will need to clean out the expansion joint, a screwdriver works very well for this. Once you have most of the debris out you will want to sweep or even power wash the joint out to get as much loose material out of the way as possible. once you have done that, place the wire into the joint and fill the joint with exterior grade heavy duty silicone caulk. You may want to place a small rock over the wire at each end of the expansion joint to hold the wire in place and you can leave it there as protection against weed wackers as well if it is along the edge of your lawn.

Cutting Your Own Joint – Harder

If you do not have an expansion joint or place where surfaces meet that can be used to install the wire you will need to create your own. In order to do this you will need a hand held circular saw and a masonry blade. If you don’t already have a circular saw you can either rent one, or you can buy one for very little. The blades will run anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on the size and durability (you don’t need much).

Mark out where you want to make your cut and set the blade depth on the saw to about a 1/2″. Make sure to wear eye protection and cut along your mark. Do not force the saw, push it along gently as it cuts. About 5 inches from either side of the driveway set the depth of the saw blade to as deep as it will go and make the cut, this will allow you to bury the wire down to try and keep it away from mowers and weed wackers. Once you have your cutting down, clean it out thoroughly and place the wire in it. Fill in with heavy duty silicone caulk.

Under the Driveway – Hardest

This is the most difficult method of laying your wire and we would suggest against it but if you feel up to the task you can dig a hole about a foot to two feet long where you want to bury the wire and take a piece of pvc pipe cut to a point and use the point to dig out the tunnel. You do this by pressing the pointy end into the dirt under the driveway and twisting it. Every foot or so pull it back out and empty the dirt trapped inside. Unless you dig down significantly, you will run into the gravel/sand base that was laid for your driveway. We have also heard of customers renting rotating pipe snakes and using those to dig under the driveway but we have no experience with it. Again, we do NOT recommend this method.

Over the Driveway

We have been asked about this in the past and as with under the driveway we are strongly against this method as well because the wire will wear out quickly (which means that the fence will lose signal and your dog could escape). You can just lay the wire across the top of your driveway and secure it with caulk or staple the wire down on either side of the driveway to keep it in place. You will want to upgrade the wire for your whole system in order to do this and expect to replace the section over your driveway every 6 months or sooner.
Now that you have Laid Out Your System and Mounted Your Transmitter and Buried Your Wire and Crossed Your Driveway/Walkway, it is now time to Test Your Dog Fence.

Now that you have Laid Out Your System and Mounted Your Transmitter and Buried Your Wire and Crossed Your Driveway/Walkway, it is now time to Test Your Dog Fence.