Walk the Dog

In this step you are going to train your dog that it is okay to leave the area to go for a walk with you in a very specific place and only if you are with them. You should wait at least a month before doing this. In the meantime you should continue to take off the dogs correction collar and drive them across the boundary line in order to take a walk.

In preparation for Step 5 you are going to want to figure out 1 (and only 1) spot to cross the boundary to go for walks with your dog.


  1. Take the correction collar off of your dog and attach the leash.
  2. Go to the 1 spot that you have chosen to cross the boundary and confidently walk your dog across the boundary at that one spot.
  3. If they resist, be firm and walk them through the spot and the dog will quickly learn that they can cross at this one point as long as they are with you and on their leash.
  4. Always re-enter the safe zone in the same spot that you left through.

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